Whole-Home Remodels in Cabin John

You love your cozy home in Cabin John, but you know it needs more than just a simple kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel to feel brand-new. If you’re planning to tackle a whole-house remodel in Cabin John, Optimum Construction is happy to help! Our team of general contractors and construction professionals takes a design-build approach that works perfectly when you want to redo your home completely. We take a client-centered approach that puts your needs first, and we’ve earned a reputation for the quality of our services from beginning to end.

From the basement to the attic, we can help with your whole-house remodel. Call 240-422-9990 or request a consultation with our Cabin John construction team online today.

How Our Design-Build Process Works

When you contact Optimum Construction for a whole-house remodel, we take a design-build approach to the process. This process means we handle everything from the planning stage to the final walk-through. The design-build process includes:

  • Planning Our construction team can help you plan the design, using the industry’s top designing programs to ensure you get a final project that exceeds your expectations.
  • Implementation – Once you’ve approved our designs, we will get to work. As general contractors, we have relationships with vendors, suppliers, architects, and other professionals needed to get the job done. We also understand how to apply for permits and schedule all necessary inspections.
  • Execution – Our team will provide and manage materials and deliveries throughout the remodel. Our construction crews and trustworthy outside hires get the job done well, and we strive to keep our overhead low to help you save money and time.
  • Enjoy – We’ll walk you through your newly remodeled home, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the finished work.

This process takes much of the stress out of your home remodel, while also ensuring the work is done well and completed on time and on budget. We have helped many homeowners throughout the DC metro area, including Cabin John. Don’t believe us? Read our testimonials to understand our commitment to client satisfaction.

Remodeling Your Maryland Home from Top to Bottom

If your home is outdated, you’re dealing with damage from storms or mold, or you simply want to give it new life, a whole-home remodel is a good idea. At Optimum Construction, we can handle the entire project. Our construction crews are experts at:

Because we offer the services of a general contractor, we can handle the job safely and accurately, no matter how extensive.

If your home needs a new life, call 240-422-9990 to discuss your needs with the Cabin John construction pros at Optimum Construction.

Why Choose Optimum Construction?

Our number one priority is including the client in every step of the building process. All our Maryland general contractors are here for you. We have a highly experienced management team and competitive prices, and we are committed to completing our projects within the agreed time frame.

Reach out today to discuss your Cabin John construction needs with our team of licensed construction pros!

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We listen to our client’s needs and tailor our scope of work specifically to them—becoming family.

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Our clients invest in us. The main difference between us and our competitors is simple—attitude.

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We believe that quality, safety, and transparency—from planning to completion—is essential.


We are relationship-focused; every step we take is communicated with you via an interactive app.

What to Expect

Our client-centered approach along with our expertise ensures we deliver high-quality results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves for going above and beyond, while keep your project on-budget and on-schedule.

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