Home Additions in Poolesville, MD

When you need more space, a home addition compares favorably to the alternatives of uprooting your family or staying put in a cramped house. With the right planning and design, you can get the living space you need to spread out. Work with Optimum Construction for home additions in Poolesville for a result that flow naturally with your current home and adds real value.

Our Poolesville contractors are adept at all aspects of construction. We can build out or build up, add an outdoor living space, or create an entirely new master suite.

Schedule a consultation or call us at 240-422-9990to share your vision with Optimum Construction and start planning your home addition in Poolesville, MD.

Poolesville Home Additions for Space & Comfort

Some people want home additions in Poolesville for a specific purpose, others just want the square footage. The beauty of it is that even a simple bonus room allows you to use all your other rooms more comfortably. Whether you want to declutter and give the kids more playroom, or you have a smaller home in Poolesville that’s a great candidate for building equity with a significant home addition, Optimum Construction can make it happen.

Popular home additions Poolesville clients request include:

  • Living room addition
  • Master bath ensuite addition
  • Kitchen expansion
  • Bedroom addition
  • In-law suite addition
  • Second story addition
  • Sunroom addition
  • Home office addition

Home Addition Contractors in Poolesville, MD

Optimum Construction helps you take care of permits, plans, and budgeting to create a home addition in Poolesville that suits your every need. Our team brings the design and construction experience, and we use it to fulfill your vision for a better home.

As a complete remodeling team and home builder, we can create additions to match your home’s exterior flawlessly. The finished space should look and feel like it was always there.

To get there, you need a Poolesville contractor who can oversee diverse tasks like laying foundation, extending HVAC, and the fine craftsmanship of cabinetry, hardwood floors, cabinetry, bathroom tile, and other trades. Lean on Optimum Construction for the Poolesville home addition you really want!

Client-First Service for Poolesville Home Additions

Adding onto your home should be an exciting and enjoyable process. That’s why we take a consultative approach to home additions in Poolesville and include you throughout the process. By emphasizing communication and collaboration, you’ll feel more confident and in control. Ultimately, we find our style leads to happier clients—see our testimonials for evidence.

Request a Consultation for Home Additions in Poolesville

For a very personal project like home additions, Poolesville homeowners should start by finding a contractor who listens—and with a track record of excellent quality work.

Call us at 240-422-9990 to ask about home additions in Poolesville or schedule a consultation online.

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